How Do Waterless Urinals Work?

At Waterless, we take pride in providing the highest-quality waterless urinals that the industry has to offer. Our fixtures have helped our clients save millions-of-gallons of water, which is good for both the environment, and their finances. However, we still often get asked "how do waterless urinals work?" Please read on to learn the answer.

Our Revolutionary Approach

While the concept of a waterless urinal is simple, our approach is unique, and extremely effective. Many water saving urinals that might even be marketed as “waterfree” actually do make use of some water.  By contrast, our waterless urinals are just that: waterless

We accomplish this through the use of our EcoTrap®, a disposable insert that replaces the traditional water-filled trap in a standard urinal.  The EcoTrap® is designed for use with the well known BlueSeal® liquid.  The internal shape of the EcoTrap® allows the BlueSeal® to float on top of the urine in the EcoTrap, creating a seal that keeps odors from escaping the trap. The urine can then flow freely from the EcoTrap® and directly into the standard plumbing drain of the building.

Three ounces of BlueSeal® are good for about 1500 uses, and is easily replenished using the PortionAid measurer. 

Benefits of the Waterless Approach

Our urinals save more than just water: they save time, and money.  The upkeep of traditional flush urinals can be expensive, and maintenance in certain instances can take hours.  Our waterless fixtures eliminate the need for flush valve repairs, waste line cleanouts, deodorizers, and blockage removals.

We know that you will love the simplicity of our waterfree urinals.  We have a lot more information on our approach, so please reach out if you ever find yourself asking “how do waterless urinals work?” We will be happy to provide you with more information.