Aridification: Not Just a Drought...

As I was writing this article, I was interested to see that nobody was searching Google using the term “aridification.” While the word aridification had no takers at the moment, we can expect more and more people to be looking it up on Google and other search engines in the future. They will be trying to understand what aridification is and why it is going to be playing such a significant role in their lives and the lives of millions of people around the world in coming years.


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Non-Water urinals Help Make This Weekend’s Super Bowl Most Sustainable Ever

Mercedes Benz stadium is expected to use 47 percent less water than a comparably-sized stadium. But water efficiency is not the only sustainability initiative

California's Water Strategy... from lessons learned by Orange County

Lake Mead, waterless

Water is a serious issue for the cities of the world. Even in a wealthy nation such as the United States, people die from toxic water in Flint, Michigan, confront megadroughts in Los Angeles, face salinated aquifers in Miami and worry in Omaha about oil pipeline spills in the Ogallala aquifer. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in its annual U.S. infrastructure report card gives U.S. drinking water a grade of D. Water is the greatest challenge in resiliency planning.

Southern California heavily depends on water from the Colorado River. Recent droughts have caused water levels at the Lake Mead, our nation's largest reservoir, to drop over 100 feet. Shockingly, the lake is at only 38 percent of capacity. It is only 4 feet above the legal emergency level of 1,075 feet. With droughts come more frequent and intense wildfires. For the past five years, California has experienced wildfires 12 months per year.

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Waterless Co Helps Sponsor Next Green Sports Alliance Event

Waterless Co is demonstrating their support for the Green Sports Alliance by sponsoring the Alliance's next major symposium.