• Waterless Co Inc. offers the most urinal models on the market, in both wall drain and bottom drain configurations.
  • Our bottom drain urinals are great for old trough urinal conversions!
  • The fixtures are available in both Vitreous China (VC) and High Performance Composites (HPC). HPC urinals offer light weight, exceptional strength and color combinations. Waterless has been selling HPC urinals since 1991 and their versatility as well as strength have proven themselves in tough, vandalism prone installations such as high schools, juvenile halls, prisons and parks over the years.
  • All urinals come in a high gloss finish. Standard color is a sanitary white. For all other color availability please click here.
  • All of our fixtures feature full 2” (52 mm) internal drain lines. Urine can flow uninhibited. The large diameter allows for snaking of the line without removing the fixture from the wall if needed.
  • Connection to the 2” (52 mm) drain line is the same as one finds on flushed urinals, via a flange and gasket. The installing plumber knows exactly what to do. No adapters or connectors needed which may leak and are hard to install.
  • Low cost trap inserts and sealing liquids. Waterless has always believed in offering our customers inexpensive quality products so you can truly save with our fixtures. As water and sewer fees are constantly rising, our No-Flush™ urinals become ever more efficient.
  • No removal of urinal for drain access. Compare to flushed and other non-water urinals, our fixtures offer the unique direct 2" (52 mm) drain access by simply removing the EcoTrap insert. Plumbing professionals love this feature!