The Essentials! iPack #6009

The Essentials! iPack #6009



BlueSeal® - It’s what makes No-Flush™ urinals work all over the world!

For over 25 years, BlueSeal has been our long lasting and biodegradable trap seal liquid. It is what we are known for. BlueSeal has a specific gravity lower than water or urine. In the EcoTrap®  cartridge, it floats on top of water/urine and so it makes a complete seal. It therefore remains for an extended period of time in the trap even with urinal use (small amounts do get carried out with each urinal use). Otherwise, with no use to the urinal or little use, such as in outlying facilities, BlueSeal remains indefinitely in the trap sealing trap odors.

BlueSeal has zero evaporation at 100 degrees F and does not freeze above -70 degrees F. Typical winterization costs can be eliminated by installing our Waterless No-Flush urinals.

Commercially available cleaners will not harm the BlueSeal in the EcoTrap, meaning no special cleaners need to be purchased.

Adding BlueSeal to any non-water using urinals is very simple: squeeze the quart bottle to fill the PortionAid to 3 oz (100ml). Empty the 3 oz. contents from the PortionAid into the trap/cartridge. Done! Please follow instructions on the bottle.

Note: The cleaning of Waterless urinals is effected the same way as cleaning conventional urinals. Replenishments of BlueSeal are simple and accurately measured with a PortionAid. Fill the PortionAid on top of the bottle by simply squeezing the bottle. Pour contents directly into the holes of the EcoTrap/cartridge. The PortionAid minimizes the waste of BlueSeal.


Gallon size bottles, item # 1101

Quart size bottles, item #1114





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