The Essentials! iPack #6009

The Essentials! iPack #6009


DEL MAR™ #2901

High Performance Composite (HPC) 

For ship board use. Space Saver!

U.S. Navy shipboard use approved. Each change out bolt pattern! Please ask for documentation.

11.0"W x 15.0"L x 12.8"D (279MM x 381MM x 325MM)

  • Bottom Outlet

  • Complies with ANSI Z124.9,  A117, CSA® others

  • EcoTrap® Inside!!

  • Urinal comes with two EcoTrap® inserts and installation instructions. Use standard U.S. Navy NAVSSES approved bolts and drain parts for connection. Not included. Open bottom for easy ABS drain piece installation.

  • Available in standard sanitary white or color. Please inquire.


  • All wall drain No-Flush™ urinal models install like flushed urinals to the to the standard 2” (52mm) drain line via a gasket and flange. No adaptors needed!

  • All wall drain units have a closed urinal bottom to avoid vandalism. No need to buy separate costly bottom covers.

  • All of our urinals have a full 2” (52mm) interior drain line. This allows easy line cleaning and access if needed. Urinal does not need to be removed from wall for snaking. Saves time!

  • No gaskets or O-rings needed on EcoTrap® inserts. Simple pressfit!

  • The EcoTrap® unit removes completely for servicing and change-out. No taking traps apart for cleaning and to reassemble!