EcoTrap® Inside | Simplicity is its Beauty!


Our waterless urinals employ the patented EcoTrap® , which is based on the simple but proven vertical-trap principle.

Here is how it works:

1. Urine flows from the bowl into the drain insert called EcoTrap®.

2. Entering the EcoTrap® urine moves through a floating layer of our BlueSeal® liquid, which creates a barrier, preventing sewer gases and urine odors from entering the restroom area.

3. Once the urine moves below the BlueSeal® barrier, it overspills into the central tube and travels down into the regular drain line.

4. Approximately 1500 sanitary uses are possible with just 3 ounces of BlueSeal®. When the BlueSeal® liquid is depleted (small amounts get carried out with each use) , it is simply replenished. This only takes about 20 seconds to perform and the EcoTrap® does not need to be touched.

5. Urine sediments are retained within the EcoTrap®. Replacement is easy, and need only be done 2-to-4 times per year depending on traffic to the urinal. A tool called the X-Traptor® is used to remove the EcoTrap®. The use of the special tool helps to minimize vandalism. The entire process of replacement only takes 3-to-4 minutes.

Review our simple maintenance instructions here.

Other more complex trap/cartridge arrangements cannot compare to the superior efficiency, and simplicity of the EcoTrap® design. A urinal’s internal trap way may become clogged in urinals without a removable trap insert. In addition, our urinals offer a full 2” trapway and do not need to be removed from the wall for drain line cleaning!

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