Waterless Co. Inc.

Droughts have always been a natural and in some cases disastrous occurrence throughout history. With the world's ever increasing population and strains on our natural resources, water has become the primary concern for many countries, if not by now the world.

The concern for water started in the 1970s in the US in earnest. By the late 1980s efforts started to come together for more efficient water use in that cities, states, and the federal government acknowledged the better use of water in residential as well as commercial/industrial settings. Waterless Co. and it's Waterless No-Flush Urinal technology was founded on the premise to improve the use of water in urinal fixtures to the point of not needing any water at all. Klaus Reichardt, the founder of Waterless Co., conceptualize this most efficient technology in the late 1980s with patents and installations starting in 1991.

The company paved the way over the following twelve years for the acceptance of these highly efficient urinals and for other manufacturers wanting to come into the marketplace. To this day, Waterless Co. offers the most simple and most cost effective non-water urinal technology on the world market. We invite you to speak with us and our world-wide distributors to help save the world's most precious resource - water.