It may seem like an unusual fixture …
But the simplicity of No-Flush™ urinals is convincing.

Waterless No-Flush™ urinals look exactly the same as conventional urinals, and can easily replace them. They are compatible for installation with the standard urinal 2” (52 mm) waste line. If 1-1/2” (38 mm) waste lines are in place, a reducer bushing can be used. These no-water urinals eliminate flush water supply lines and flush valves. There are no sensors to install or adjust, and no handles to touch – simply no moving parts at all!

The surfaces of the urinal bowl are urine repellent and smooth. Urine itself is actually 95% liquid and the drainage process of the urine is completed through gravity – no flushing involved! These urinals are simply cleaned the same way a flushed urinal is cleaned – only faster.

The Simple No-Flush Process

A disposable EcoTrap® which is placed in the urinal drain outlet of our urinals replaces a standard water-filled urinal trap. The EcoTrap® contains a layer of proprietary immiscible BlueSeal® liquid, which floats on top of a urine layer. Urine odors and sewer gases from the restroom are effectively blocked by the combination of our EcoTrap® and BlueSeal® liquid. Our no flush urinals with only 3 ounces (100 ml) of BlueSeal® lasts for up to 1500 uses. This replaces from between 1000 to 4500 gallons of potable flush water for each fill.

Note: Water urinals are cleaned in the same manner as conventional urinals. BlueSeal® replenishments are accurately and simply measures by using a PortionAid, which minimizes BlueSeal® waste. Simply fill the PortionAid on top of the bottle by squeezing the bottle. Then pour out the contents directly into the EcoTrap® holes.

As a result of the water-free operation and highly hygienic process used with these urinals, the drain lines remain free of hard encrustations. As well, they can be easily accessed by removing the EcoTrap® using the X-Traptor® tool.

In addition, EcoTrap® is recyclable and BlueSeal® is biodegradable.

Our no-flush urinals require no special cleaners!

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