EcoTrap® Inside | Simplicity is its Beauty!


Our patented EcoTrap® relies on the proven and simple vertical trap principle.

1. Urine flows down into the EcoTrap drain insert.

2. In the EcoTrap the urine passes through a floating layer of BlueSeal® liquid, which forms a barrier that prevents sewer vapors from escaping to the restroom atmosphere.

3. Urine under the barrier layer overflows into the central tube and runs down to the conventional drain line.

4. The layer of approx. 3 ounces of BlueSeal will last for about 1500 sanitary uses. The liquid is then simply replenished. Task time: 20 seconds.Trap does not need to be touched.

5. The EcoTrap retains urine sediments and is easily replaced 2-4 times a year according to traffic to the fixture. A special tool, the X-Traptor®, is used to remove the EcoTrap®. This deters vandalism. Task time: 3-4 minutes.

Please see our simple maintenance instructions here.

The patented vertical EcoTrap design provides superior efficiencies to other, more complicated trap arrangements. It does not need to be cleaned out as it is simply changed out. It also helps retain urine sediments. Urinals without trap inserts may clog the urinal’s internal trapway.