California Turns Water into a Learning Opportunity

By Klaus Reichardt

One of the benefits of getting older is that most people eventually realize that many of the challenges we face in life are actually learning experiences, if not out-and-out opportunities, in disguise. And this realization holds true not only for individuals, but also for groups of people, communities, and even states and countries. In fact, California is today facing a critical challenge in which crisis has led to action. The entire nation has the opportunity to learn by example and benefit from the methods California has used to address the problem set before them.


The issue at hand is water, or the lack thereof. California is now in the fourth year of one of the most serious droughts in recorded history. Other areas of the United States have already or are expected to experience water shortages in the not-so-distant future. But what is most remarkable, at least until this year, is how well the state has gone about its business during this drought with only marginal water restrictions in place. And this is true even though the state has nearly twice as many people, about 38 million citizens, compared to the last time it had a serious water shortage.

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