Grading States on Water Efficiency and Water Resiliency

According to a recent report in Environmental Leader, most US states have a long way to go when it comes to improving water efficiency and ensuring they are resistant to climate change. The Alliance for Water Efficiency and the Environmental Law Institute released the report.  Both are non-profit organizations.

The gist of the report is that most states in the US get a “C” at best for water efficiency and climate change resistance.  In fact, the report found that 23 US states had no plans at all when it comes to adapting to climate change. However, some states bode pretty well. For instance:


•    California and Texas both received an “A-“ for water efficiency and water conservation. These were the two highest scoring states in the country in these categories. Interestingly, in many ways, they are political opposites, But apparently, they have somehow managed to come to the same conclusion as to the need to use water more efficiently.

•    Texas, however, received a score of “D” when it comes to water resiliency.  Very dry Arizona and Georgia also received “Ds.”

•    Colorado and Illinois got points because they are the only two states in the country that have water efficiency regulations for fixtures that are more stringent than Federal standards.

•    While the average grade for all states was a “C,” it must be said that half of all states have made improvements when it comes to water efficiency; six states, however, experienced a decline.

•    Oregon got an “A” when it came to water resiliency with California right behind, with an “A-.”

“We have two ways to look at these grades,” says Klaus Reichardt, CEO, and founder of Waterless Co., manufacturers of no-water urinals. “Either the bottle is half full or half empty. I see the bottle as half full. We are going in the right direction; it just will take time.”


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