Is a Waterless Urinal System Right for Your Organization?

Original plumbing codes always insisted that a urinal be flushed with water. When the waterless urinal system was first introduced in 1991, builders and plumbers needed to adapt to new methods of thinking, as there will be less water used to flush fixture or none at all for urinals. With our cutting-edge waterless solutions, there is no need to modify your plumbing; our urinals will fit on like traditional fixtures but no more water supply line. There are great cost savings to be had both during installation and from the ongoing operation of using our waterless urinal system.

Saving Money for Your Organization

When you compare traditional urinals with our proven waterless urinal system, there are many cost savings to be measured.

During a new-build installation, there are savings to be made by not needing to install water supply piping and flush valves to each urinal.

Over time, the biggest saving will be the complete reduction of water used to flush a conventional system. Apart from the savings in dollars, there are further savings for the environment because water is not being wasted and fewer liquids are being sent to a water treatment plant.

Overflow due to a blockage cannot occur with waterless urinal systems, and therefore, maintenance costs are vastly reduced. Your organization will also save by not needing to purchase deodorizers to mask foul odors.

In the conventional flushed urinal system, water used to transport urine out of the bowl could often over time block up the drain line because of a buildup of lime scale from hard water. This is vastly less an issue with waterless urinals.

During cold weather, some plumbing systems need to be protected against the water freezing, causing cracked pipes. This is no longer an obligation with this modern technology as no water is present in the system.

For public areas, there are fewer targets for vandals to attack, as removing and breaking water pipes to flood a restroom is no longer possible.

Waterless Inc. has operated for over a quarter century with the founder being the original inventor of waterless urinal systems. For a new build and design, it is easy to install a waterless urinal system, and it is straightforward to replace your current system with our technology to reduce your water bill, and plumbing problems.  Contact us today: (800) 244-6364.