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Colorado Could Soon Become a Waterless Desert


Based on two weeks of research into the probable future of water supplies in the American West, it’s pretty clear that no water expert or journalist truly believes Colorado is likely to become a lifeless, waterless desert, within the lifetime of anyone currently alive.

On the other hand, almost everyone seems to believe that the western US will indeed experience ‘water shortages’ during the coming decades, if you define a ‘water shortage’ as ‘less water, per person, than we were accessing in the 1990s.’ If, and when, the water shortages arrive, we can all decide to share the pain. Or alternatively, people with money and power can seize control of our water, and thereby acquire additional money and power.

On its surface, the Colorado Water Plan appears to be a 567-page proposal that we all share the pain. But the devil is in the details, as always. Some commentators have suggested that, in the case of the Colorado Water Plan, the details are sorely lacking.

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