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Move Over Gentrification: The Word of the 21st Century is "Aridification"

airidification, water shortage, drier climate

In 1964, a German-born sociologist coined the term "gentrification."  This is the process of renovating deteriorating urban areas, turning them into affluent enclaves.  It became a popular movement in the 20th century and one reason why we still see several home remodeling shows on television today. However, what will become a much more important word in the 21st century, and one we must all become familiar with, is "aridification."

The Colorado River Research Group, an independent team of scientists, focused on the river, introduced the term in 2001.  It means "the gradual change of a region from a wetter to a drier climate."

While it can be caused by different reasons, invariably climate change is the culprit.  As aridification increases, it can have significant consequences in certain areas such as the following:

•    Reduce or eliminate agricultural production

•    Lower underground water tables

•    Cause soil degradation, ecosystem changes, and decrease water runoff

•    Cut the amount of water used by industry, potentially impacting profits and the survival of some companies 

•    Force consumers to make drastic changes in how they use water

"Words matter," says Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co. "We need to have words to help everyone better understand the long-term water challenges before us.'

According to Reichardt, aridification is already making itself known in many parts of the west. 

For instance, in June 2018, more than 1,000 people had to evacuate Durango, CO because of fire. This was caused by significantly reduced snowfall that appears to be a trend. 

In fact, the entire Four Corners region, where New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah meet, is now suffering from aridification. "They still may have some good years with plenty of rainfall, but long-term they will experience less and less precipitation."

Reichardt says we can no longer refer to these situations as droughts. A drought is short term. "We need words like aridification to help people realize we are in for some lasting changes that will impact all aspects of our lives due to less water."

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