Use Grey Water Properly with These Six Rules


One of the many ways commercial facilities are reducing their water consumption is to re-use the “gently used” water — called grey water — that comes from restroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and showers. These facilities are often “doubled plumbed,” with grey water going into storage tanks, and water from toilets and urinals discharged into sewer systems.

While some grey water may look discolored, even “dirty,” and is not safe for human consumption, it is usually safe, even beneficial to use it to irrigate vegetation. Facilities that are landscaped often use more water for vegetation than anywhere else, so if water can be re-used here, it can prove to be a significant water and cost savings.

However, according to Klaus Reichardt, CEO, and founder of Waterless Co. Inc., manufacturers of no-water urinals, there are some rules and guidelines for using this kind of water properly.

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