When is it time to replace a restroom fixture?

old toilets need replacing

Commercial restroom fixtures are designed to provide years of service.  That’s good news and not so good news.  The good news is that they are a very cost-effective investment.  Many restroom fixtures provide not only years of service, but require very little maintenance.

The not so good news is that because they may last for many years, building owners and managers do not take advantage of new technologies that can help reduce water consumption and use water much more efficiently. Not only is less water used, but this can result in a cost savings.

Aware of this, and aware that not replacing older restroom fixtures may actually work against us, how do you know when it’s time to replace water using equipment or restroom fixtures.  Here are some suggestions:

  • If there is an unexpected and an unidentified surge in water consumption
  • If the fixtures are more than five years old
  • If fixtures are cracked or damaged in anyway
  • If the flush handle malfunctions repeatedly (this is especially true of manually operated flush handles)
  • If the fixture needs frequent repair
  • If the floor area around the fixture, such as a toilet or urinal, is wet frequently (indicates leaking)
  • You notice corrosion or scale developing
  • If the fixture is making unusual or loud noises  
  • If they are aesthetically unappealing; old restroom fixtures can make a building look and feel old an uninviting
  • If the building or restrooms are being remodeled
  • When government entities offer rebates to switch out old fixtures and replace them with new, highly efficient fixtures
  • When there is a drought; when a drought occurs and water restrictions are asked or required, this is a very good time to look for ways to reduce water consumption germanely, starting in the restrooms
  • If and when water and sewer charges increase significantly.

For ways to reduce water consumption and take advantage of the benefits of waterless urinals, please call toll free 1-800-244-6364