At Waterless Co., Inc. our products are based on the zero-water concept.  Our zero flush urinals are designed to provide you with a low-maintenance, affordable system that is efficient and sanitary. With our system, you can maintain a germ-free, odor-free restroom environment.

How Our Non Water Urinals Work

The technology of our non flush urinals consists of several elements that work together. First, with our urinals, gravity works to drain the urine down into the EcoTrap® and and its internal layer of BlueSeal® liquid. BlueSeal is lighter than urine and floats on top. It then flows down the drain. The entire process is completely sanitary and self contained. No special cleaners are needed! In fact the EcoTrap only requires replacement 2 to 4 times per year. The BlueSeal liquid only requires replacement once every 1500 uses, or about 2 times a month on average.

No Water Urinal Products

We offer an array of no flush urinals to match your specific preferences and requirements. The models we offer include Baja, Anza, Sonora, Kalahari, Del Mar, Del Casa, and Santa Fe. All models are available in sanitary white with some color options.  Some models also offer bottom-drain configurations.

Cost Savings

As with water saving toilets, our fully hygienic urinals deliver a cost saving solution for your facility. In fact, we estimate that you will only pay $1.00 per 1000 uses.

Feel free to browse our no water urinal products below. You will find detailed product info with each product. If you have any questions about our no flush urinals, call us today at 800.244.6364.