Home Urinals: I Want One “Because I Can”

home urinal

Urinals are a staple in all types of public facilities.  But in the past decade or so, they are being found in more and more homes. While the reasons for installing one can differ, according to an article in Realtor.com, one reason people are installing home urinals is very simply, because they can. *

It does not appear that there is any particular area of North America where these home urinals are being installed most frequently.  In Canada, it appears many of the major hardware stores do market them, how many there are that are installed, is not known.

Further, they apparently are installed in both pricey as well as not so pricey homes.  The only common denominator appears to be, other than the fact that these homeowners can install home urinals, is that they like the convenience.

No more issues about leaving the seat up or down.  Fellas can do their business and be back watching the ballgame in no time. Except for maybe once or twice per day, the toilet is now the territory of the gals in the house. And depending on the type of urinal installed, many homeowners find they help keep restrooms a bit cleaner as well.

But before you call your contractor because you too can have a home urinal, here are a few things you need to know:

•    Make sure you have the space for a home urinal. 

•    Decide where you want the urinal.  Some home urinals are installed in the garage and work areas, where many fellas spend their weekends.

•    Realize that there will be installation costs involved.

home urinal

Let’s take a closer look at this last point. For all restroom fixtures, including urinals, plumbing is needed and necessary to be to code.  Additionally,  a vent, a drain system, and if water is used, a water line is necessary. 

Plus there is the urinal itself and the flush system.  Most urinal fixtures are not that costly, but the flush mechanism can be expensive depending on the system selected. So, with installation and purchases, we are looking at upwards to $2,000 or more depending on where in the home the urinal is installed and the flush system selected.

Another option is to install a no-water urinal. With these systems, the only plumbing needed is to a sewer drain. Plumbing to deliver water is not needed. This also means no flush mechanisms are needed. The cost here is closer to about $1200, maybe less.

We can’t end a discussion on home urinals without pondering their impact on home values when it comes to selling the house.  “(A home urinal) would not increase or decrease the value, but it might sell it faster if a guy is the buyer,” says Barbara Kreglow, a real estate agent with RE/MAX in Orange Park, Florida. 

In fact, a modestly priced home in Kansas City was marketed as “A Man’s Dream.”  With the home urinal, radiant heat, and a wired sound system in the restroom, men were likely standing in line to tour this house.

A frequent speaker and author on water conservation issues, Klaus Reichardt is founder and CEO of Waterless Co. Inc., based in Vista, Calif. Reichardt founded the company in 1991 with the goal to establish a new market segment in the plumbing fixture industry with water efficiency in mind. Along with the Waterless No-Flush urinal, which works completely without water, the company manufactures other restroom and plumbing related products.

*The Home Urinal: & Houses That Let You Stand in the Bathroom, by Graig Donofrio, Realtor.com, Nov 4, 2015 (http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/seven-homes-with-urinals)