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How a Waterless Urinal Became the Life of the Party

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A young couple had recently moved to Colorado and after a few months, decided to have a small party. They invited their co-workers and some of the people they had met so far. The couple did not know most of these people very well. It did not matter. Their goal was to get to know everyone better and become a part of the community.

Not only did the young couple not know their guests very well, the same was true for about everyone at the event. This made for considerable stumbling around as everyone was introducing themselves and attempting to "break the ice."

However, suddenly everything changed – for the better. 

One of the male guests went into the bathroom and reported, "I almost ran out of the bathroom because I was so excited to tell everyone about what I just discovered!"

What he had just discovered was a waterless urinal installed in the bathroom. 

home urinal

"I never thought of installing a urinal in a house," says the guest. "For the rest of the evening, everyone was talking about how interesting it was to see a urinal in a home, and the hosts kept bragging about all the great benefits. Maybe not ideal conversation at the dinner table, but….."

One of the benefits the hosts mentioned was that it was a waterless urinal. Because its waterless, the urinal is much less expensive to purchase and install compared to a water-using urinal, simply because there is less plumbing involved.

However, the significant benefit is how much water it saves. While there are no savings estimates for waterless urinals installed in homes, in commercial facilities, they can save about 35,000 gallons of water per year if not more.

In Colorado, reducing water consumption is becoming a high-priority. In most parts of the state, this is the first summer when no drought emergencies have been called - but that can all change next year.  

Because of past droughts, many cities in the state are working to educate their citizens on ways to reduce water consumption.  For instance, many have "Water Savings Wednesdays." Citizens are encouraged not to water their lawns, or wash their cars, and look for ways they can save water throughout the week.

Installing a waterless urinal takes this a step further. Installing a waterless urinal is one way to save water throughout the year.

For more information on the savings possible with waterless urinals, contact a Waterless Co Specialist.