How to Choose Your Water Free Urinal

For a new facility, a water free urinal offers a way to save on plumbing and to simplify the installation process. Using water free urinals will not only help you save on your water bill, it will conserve water and the related sewer quantities and costs. This means you can save "green" while going green!

What to Consider

Depending on your location, and the number of individuals who may use your newly installed water free urinal, we can help guide you to the best model for your needs.

Our expertise, years of experience and knowledge will help you choose the best models for your restrooms. We offer a variety of different styles, shapes, and colors, each designed to offer a urinal with extremely low maintenance requirements. Often, people are surprised to learn that these urinals are odor free. This is due to the patented EcoTrap® and BlueSeal® technologies. You will notice that our water free urinal options do not experience the odor issues that are common in traditional urinals.

These cutting-edge developments allow urine to drain from the inner bowl surface of the urinal into an EcoTrap® located at the bottom of the bowl. Within this trap is a layer of BlueSeal® liquid, which is lighter than the urine, and floats. This effectively blocks any odors, while still allowing everything to flow down the drain.

All you need to do is replace the EcoTrap® two to four times a year, which is a very simple process. Additionally, the BlueSeal® will need to be replenished after about every 1500 uses, which for most facilities will be twice a month. This is a lot less work than the constant cleaning of standard urinals, and it is also more sanitary.


It is important that the water free urinal is installed correctly and to your standard 2” drain line. Our urinals can be installed as new fixtures in a restroom, or as upgrades for existing standard plumbing. For new installations, the time for a plumber to install the urinal is about thirty minutes. For retrofits, there is a bit more involved depending on your building’s plumbing configuration, but a simple change-out is usually not more than an hour.