Keeping bathroom smells at bay

If you supervise a restroom that always seems to have an unpleasant odor, despite being regularly cleaned and maintained, the source of the smell might be a floor drain. Often, these drains go overlooked in the quest to eliminate odors, and smells can rise up from the sewer that the drain connects to. If you have identified such a drain, there is an easy fix for the situation: what you need is some form of floor drain odor stopper.

Why does my spotless bathroom stink?

A normal floor drain has a trap that generally will keep gases from coming in through your drain pipes by retaining water. Gas is trapped by the water that levels out on the building side and the drain side of your trap. This works well enough if water cycles sufficiently through the trap.

It will start to get smelly under two different conditions. First, if the water stands for extended periods of time without evaporating, you are likely going to get bacterial build up in the trap. In an arid location, you might not have standing water, as it may have evaporated. If there is no liquid barrier in the trap, you will have gases emanating from your drainage system. Either way, your problem is unseen but not un-noticed.

How can I fix this?

The simplest fix is to add water through the drain at regular intervals. While it is the simplest, it suffers from two problems. The first is that this unnecessarily wastes water. The second is that it requires consistency on your or the maintenance crew’s part. If you do not need to service the bathroom for any other reason, you are now unnecessarily burdened with this task.

The better approach is to use a floor drain odor stopper. Basically, a floor drain odor stopper is a liquid that has the following properties:

  • It should be less dense than water so it will float in the trap.

  • It should be a liquid that does not evaporate.

  • It should have a very low freezing point.

  • It should be biodegradable, and non-toxic.

  • An ideal solution

An ideal solution

EverPrime® from is the perfect floor drain odor stopper. It eliminates odors immediately. It is cost effective, at only $2.30 a drain fill. It is will last indefinitely unless flushed out and works great in both low traffic and high traffic bathrooms.

The application is straightforward.

For most effective simply add 3 ox of EverPrime into the drain on top of the water in the drain. This will help odors on the building side of the drain.

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