Non Flushing Urinals - What They are and How They Work

The world of waterless flushing is not necessarily a new one, but it is a rather recent development in the need to preserve a valuable resource. At Waterless Co., we provide non flushing urinals that are being used by all types of businesses in an effort to be eco-friendly. We understand that this might be your first time hearing the phrase "non flushing urinals", so let's go over the basics of what they are, and how they work.

How Do These Urinals Work?

To the user, our non flushing urinals seem just like regular urinals, except that there is no option to flush. Instead, these urinals use gravity to drain the liquid waste into pipes that are connected to your standard building plumbing system. Upon reaching your building's drain, the liquid waste is sent directly to your city's water treatment plant.

Gravity lets the "donated" urine flow into the EcoTrap, located in the bowl of the urinal. In the EcoTrap there is a floating layer of lighter-than-urine sealing liquid called BlueSeal. The urine goes into the EcoTrap, through the BlueSeal, and remains underneath it, is so closed off from the restroom atmosphere. Therefore, there are no odors. In addition, not using water in a urinal makes the urinal more hygienic, as without water less, or even no, bacteria grow. Simple!

Check Out the Non Flushing Urinals We Offer

For more information about the non flushing urinals we offer, please review our website, or contact us today. Our team has the expertise necessary to explain all the nuances of these convenient, efficient urinals. We can offer suggestions about their use, savings and installation, as well.