The Benefits of Water Saving Toilets

Water makes the world go around. Moreover, it is a scarce resource that many people take for granted. If you no longer want to waste water, or you are looking to cut down on the cost of your monthly water bill, then you may want to consider making a few changes in your home. For starters, the restroom is generally the place where water is wasted the most. Visitors leave the water running when washing hands, and there may be outdated toilets that are not equipped as water saving toilets. The same can be said for outdated flush urinals, using as much as 3 gallons per flush. On the urinal side, we can help with our waterless no flush urinals. At Waterless Co., we offer these state-of-the-art waterless urinals that can be installed virtually anywhere.

Dual Flush Technology

If you live in a home that was recently built, you may already be taking advantage of water saving toilets. However, if you live in a house built after 2000, you may be wondering what all the fuss about water saving toilets is about. Like their name implies, these water-efficient toilets reduce water waste through dual flush technology. Dual flush technology, in essence, allows a person to use less water when only a low-volume flush is required. Same for non water urinals. These can be installed in homes due to their available small size and will reduce in home water use even further.

Three Major Benefits

Installing water saving toilets and waterless urinals in offices, businesses or the home, will not only save the increasingly more important resource of water, but will reduce costs and with less water use, and will improve restroom/bathroom hygiene.

For more information about the waterless urinals we offer, check out our website. We are committed to providing the toilet-and-urinal technology that will help you improve your waste management efficiency, and also save money over the long term.