The Waterless Urinal and the Fly: a Water Saving Love Story

The Waterless Urinal and the Fly: A Water Saving Love Story

What’s happening in our men’s rooms? Waterless urinals? Flies on the porcelain? Here’s one fact that struck me. Each commercial-use waterless urinal can save between 15,000 and 45,000 gallons of water a year. Ah…no wonder waterless urinals are showing up in airports, malls and office buildings? But what about the fly on the porcelain? With an interest in learning more about this fast growing sector, the business of saving water and that fly…. I reached out to Klaus Reichardt. Klaus should know. He invented the waterless urinal and with the company he founded, San Diego based Waterless Co Inc., Klaus and his team sell more waterless urinals than anyone in the world.

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