Waterless Urinals… For VIPs Only

VIP urinal


Several studies in recent years have reported that the number of people, especially younger people, attending churches each week has been on a steady decline.  And just recently, studies have come out that indicate that even those people reporting they do attend church regularly may be, shall we say, fibbing just a bit.  Estimates are that only about half of the people that say they are regular church goers actually make it to the church door on Sunday morning.

This brings up another issue.  If people, especially younger people, are not going to church that much anymore, where are they getting married?  Well, many are opting to get married in a variety of places with most of these places being outdoors.  And that’s where waterless urinals for "VIPs only" comes in.

Obviously, if our newlyweds invite several hundred people to their wedding out in the open somewhere, they have to consider some things to accommodate their guests, particularly where are they going to go to the bathroom.  While they work well at construction locations, the site of the typical porta potty at a lovely wedding just does not mix all that well. Let’s face it; they can be a bit unsightly amongst the flowers, decorations, and beautifully dressed attendees. 

So an Austin, TX company has come up with a solution to this problem. They are providing mobile, VIP upscale restrooms for all kinds of functions that take an outdoor potty rental to an entirely new, luxury level.

These VIP restrooms are actually mini trailers.  They have leather furniture inside; marble counter tops; top of the line polished vanities and fittings; porcelain, hands-free flushing toilets; real wood trim and cabinetry; a solar panel for electricity; and to top it off, waterless urinals. 

The waterless urinals are especially important, according to a spokesperson for the Austin company, because they help reduce the amount of water the trailer must store.  Plus, they extend the operational hours of the mobile unit.  Instead of running out of water in four or five hours of use, with the waterless urinals installed, these luxury trailers can stay fully functional for an extra couple of hours.

Another thing about the waterless urinals is that they help keep the entire restroom odor-free and sanitary. Surfaces stay dry, so no odor causing bacteria builds up. Further, cleaning and maintaining them are simple: simply wipe all surfaces clean with an all-purpose cleaner along with a disinfectant. 

This is not the first time waterless urinals have been used in outdoor settings. In fact, we find them ever more frequently installed in park and recreation center restrooms, in state and national forest restrooms, and many other settings. It’s just this is the first time they are, shall we say, installed for VIPs only.

For more information on waterless urinals, including how much water they save, please contact a Waterless representative toll-free: 1-800-244-6364.