Global Water Shortage: A Problem to be Reduced by Waterfree Urinals

With the current state of water scarcity in the world, innovative fixtures like waterfree urinals seem like a Godsend. With their ease of use, contribution towards water conservation, and savings in long-term costs of plumbing and electricity, waterfree urinals are a great way to go green.

A Problem of Scarcity

One serious ongoing global problem is that of water scarcity. Every continent on earth has its share of the problem, and the sheer number of people afflicted, which runs in the billions, demonstrates the gravity of the situation. Sure, the world has adopted a host of green technologies to meet the challenges that water shortages pose, but only more widespread use of such technologies hold the key to discernible change. The amount of water conservation that would result, not to mention the savings in electricity and plumbing costs, can position the world towards a better future.

A Novel Solution

A waterfree urinal works just like a regular urinal, except it does not require flushing. This saves about 120,000 liters of water per urinal per year. The dry and touch-free use of the urinal helps in avoiding communicable diseases. Urine, which is 96% water & mostly sterile, does not require additional water to carry it into the drainage lines as it makes use of gravity flow. In order to keep odors at bay, the urinal’s principle comprises of the BlueSeal® trap liquid in the EcoTrap®. The EcoTrap lets the urine pass through, leaving the urinal surface dry, but does not let the odors get through to the top of the EcoTrap, resulting in an odor-free urinal. The economical EcoTrap cartridge is regularly replaced and the BlueSeal refilled; these are the only long-term costs of the waterfree urinal and usually are 1/3 of a flushed urinal’s costs. The advantages of these cartridges are that they are very low maintenance and provide excellent insulation from odor and maintain hygiene.

Wrapping Things Up

A waterfree urinal could be an excellent solution for your facility given the following advantages:

  • l Savings in freshwater
  • l Better use and less wear and tear on plumbing and sewer lines
  • l Elimination of mechanical or electrical parts used for flushing
  • l Improved IAQ and better hygiene

The sustained usage of waterfree urinals is an efficient way to contribute towards water conservation responsibly. The advantages above just barely touch on the utility they present along with the savings and low maintenance that they afford. Feel free to review our excellent solutions in our No-Flush urinals product selection. Going green never felt better!